Results-oriented, dedicated & enthusiastic pharmacist licensed in Massachusetts, Connecticut, New Hampshire and Maine.   Twenty years of experience in diverse areas of the pharmaceutical industry including six years in the managed care setting and fourteen years in retail management.  Successful in developing strong customer relationships and recognized for strong leadership and communication skills.




  • Customer Service Specialist
  • Staff Development and Training
  • Experience in Fast-Paced, Evolving Environments
  • Business Management and Planning
  • Patient Adherence Improvement Initiatives
  • Public Speaking & Community Engagement
  • Physician Detailing and Relationship Building
  • Immunization Certified



  • Pharmacy Database Reporting & Analytics
  • Multiple Disease State Strategic Experience
  • Medicaid, PBMs, Commercial Plans, Medicare Part D
  • Detailed Formulary Restrictions Analysis
  • Formulary Strategy Design
  • Database, Microsoft Suite, Communications
  • Teamwork & Team Leadership Focus

Professional Experience:

Formulary & Criteria Analyst,  Fingertip Formulary (Burlington, MA)      2006- Present

Provide comprehensive and timely analysis of formulary tier position for pharmaceutical products across the entire spectrum of insurance products.  Experience working with hundreds of providers across all 50 states including Commercial, BCBS, Medicare, Employer and Medicaid plans.  Responsibilities include training and oversight of pharmacists’ work and maintaining quality control.  Accurately update all platforms within client-accessible databases for immediate analysis by managed market teams and pharma sales force personnel.

Particular focus and responsibilities related to all Medicaid and Commercial Medicaid plans.  Interpretation of various Preferred Drug Lists (PDL’s), prior authorization requirement and coverage issues related Medicaid prescription coverage.  Developed a comprehensive training manual for proper coding and updating of Medicaid plans within our database.  I have worked extensively with the details related to formulary restrictions – providing clients with critical information related to prior authorizations and step criteria.

Helped develop new database initiatives to improve efficiencies and accuracy within our platform.  Gather formulary data from internet sources and route assignments to pharmacists for updating formulary data.

Worked entirely from home office or remote locations.  Strong commitments to personal time management and efficiency skills.


Per Diem Pharmacist,   Wal-Mart Pharmacy (Whitinsville MA)     2006 – Present


Upon taking a full-time position with Fingertip Formulary in 2006, Wal-Mart agreed to maintain my services as a pharmacist through a per-diem staffing arrangement in which I help cover open shifts throughout the district, typically on weekends when I am available.


Pharmacy Manager,   Wal-Mart Pharmacy (Whitinsville MA)         1997 – 2006


Hired to manage and build a new pharmacy business in a town not previously serviced by Wal-Mart.  I engaged in an extensive marketing and community engagement programs resulting in unprecedented Rx volume growth and customer satisfaction.  Within 3 years became the highest performing pharmacy department within the district.

  • Staff Development – Responsible for interviewing and hiring the entire pharmacy staff including staff pharmacist interviews, pharmacy technicians and sales floor personnel.  Conducted training and employee development, actively working to promote talented associates to areas of even greater responsibility and oversight.  Conducted annual reviews and regular staff meetings to promote team goals and review progress.
  • Business Responsibilities – As pharmacy managers with Wal-Mart, responsibilities include all aspects of both the Rx and OTC departments.  This includes proper inventory management with a focus on in-stock percentage and financially responsible turns.


Clinical Pharmacy Rotation Preceptor,   Massachusetts College of Pharmacy & Health Sciences          2004-2006


While managing the Wal-Mart pharmacy I was approached by MCPHS to consider conducting an advanced clinical pharmacy rotation for students, supervising and instructing them in matters pertaining to the clinical focus of community pharmacy practice.  I taught drug class reviews, assigned projects and assessed counseling skills.  This was a rewarding volunteer opportunity.  


Pharmacy Manager,    Brooks Pharmacy (Putnam, CT)      1993 – 1997


Hired as a new graduate to manage an established retail pharmacy.  Grew the pharmacy business, managing through management transitions and the acquisition of an independent pharmacy.

  • Developed strong relationship with customers and pharmacy associates
  • Positioned myself as a community resource for drug information and patient counseling
  • Recognized by management as a team leader with vision and experience
  • Skillfully managed multiple responsibilities including staff development, business development and customer service



References:    Available upon request


Education & Professional Development:

  • Bachelor of Science in Pharmacy –   UConn, Storrs, Connecticut (1993)
  • Rho Chi Honor Society for Academic Achievement
  • State Licenses: CT, MA, ME, NH
  • Immunization Certified
  • Member MPhA