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Thanks for checking out my links page where you can find my activity on other social platforms. If you want to learn more about my life and passions, feel free to check out my writing and posts at these other places too.


As a Christian I enjoy writing about the most important part of who I am, namely, a sinner saved by the amazing grace of God in Christ. My reading in the Bible, or books on theology and doctrine, devotionals, commentaries, or simply conversations with others on spiritual matters, often end up stirring my heart to write something. So I write it over on my Dust Bunny Blog. The name of the blog is a reference to the fact that we all, according to the Bible, came from dust and will return to dust. It is a sobering reminder of the brevity of our lives, and also of our relative smallness when compared to the greatness of God. If you enjoy spiritual reflections, you may find something to chew on over there. Feel free to check it out.

I’m a pharmacist, and have been practicing this profession for virtually my whole life. I started working as a pharmacy technician when I was 16 years old in California, went on to pharmacy school at the University of Connecticut (go Huskies!), and immediately started working in this field as a pharmacy manager upon graduation. While I have worn a variety of hats during the course of my career, all of my work has revolved around pharmacy, management and leadership. Therefore, these are the topics I tend to write on. If that’s your thing too, please come over for a visit

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