Our Mini-Vacation to Lincoln, NH

I sometimes find it hard to take a full week of vacation. Lately my schedule has included some really important meetings which, although not impossible for me to skip, would simply make life more difficult. An alternative is to take a shorter version of a vacation, like the trip we are on right now to Lincoln, NH. I’ll call it our mini-vacation to Lincoln, NH. We left after I got out of work on Wednesday evening, and will return home on Saturday.

Our destination? The Village of Loon Mountain. Bonnie and I have something like a time-share program where we can use points to book stays at various places around the country. But not being much for traveling, we typically stay here in New England, and most often on Cape Cod. But all the rooms on the Cape were booked, at least the rooms we have access to, so we opted for heading north to the White Mountains of New Hampshire. We have never stayed at The Village of Loon Mountain before, so this qualifies as an adventure!

Getting here couldn’t be much easier. They are located on Rt 112 (AKA the Kancamagus Highway), just minutes from the highway (Rt 93). We arrived after dark on Wednesday night, but Bonn had called and we had instructions on what to do in order to get our room key.

Our room has a nicely furnished small kitchen, a dining room table, couch and chair, a gas fireplace and TV. The bedroom has a king sized bed, and the bathroom is clean, with a very roomy shower. Pretty much all you will need for a mini-vacation to Lincoln, NH like they one we are taking.


Yesterday (Thursday) we visited several shops in town. All the gift shops are heavily influenced by the bear and moose themes. One shop had a couple very large moose heads mounted on the wall. We had an amazing breakfast yesterday at Flapjacks. Highly recommend! We skipped lunch, as we were both quite full. We read for a while, took a walk around the property, and went out to eat at the Black Mountain Burger place. My burger was great. I substituted some Asian slaw for the fries, trying to be more healthy. Well, I’m sure it was healthier, but it wasn’t very filling. I wouldn’t do that again. I almost ordered an appetizer after the meal, since I wasn’t really full. But I knew we had ice cream for dessert later…so that was fine.

We also visited a local brewery, the Woodstock Inn brewery. It was nicely decorated, and we sat at the bar. Bonn got a root beer and I got a flight of beers. Sad to say that they were all pretty poor quality. They all tasted like someone just never had the nerve to tell these folks that their beer talents just aren’t going to cut it. Granted, I’m spoiled with some really great breweries around me, but you get to know bad beer after a while, and they just have not perfected any of their recipes yet. At least not the 5 I tried.


This morning I went off on a walk by myself, and did the bike path located just across the street. It was really nice. Well paved, scenic, and mostly flat. Hope to do some more walking later today at The Flume Gorge.

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