Planning a Trip to Asheville, NC

We’ve made our plans, and now the clock is ticking as we wait for July. Our summer weekend brewery trip this year is going to be to Asheville, NC. Each year me, my brother, and our great friend Kent, pick a location to meet and spend a couple days just catching up and touring the local brewery scene of whatever city is unlucky enough to be our destination. Last year it was Pittsburgh. The year before was Buffalo. But this year we are heading south to the beautiful and popular city of Asheville, NC.

The trip will commence on Thursday this year and I hope to get on the road by about 3AM to start the 13-14 hour trek into Tar Heels Territory. Nestled in the Blue Ridge Mountains, and known for being home to the Biltmore estates and some of the finest art galleries and museums around, we’ll be focusing on the brewery options available in this fine city known as Asheville. And there appear to be plenty to choose from!

Breweries to Visit

Below is a list of a few of the breweries we might be able to visit on the Friday – Saturday that we will be spending Asheville, NC.

Highland Brewing

Described as “the de-facto godfather of Asheville’s craft beer scene” by HopCulture, we’ll definitely be spending a little time together getting to know the good folks brewing up their masterpieces that merit such high praise.

Burial Beer Company

Giving them kudos for a cool website to start with, and forgiving the rather macabre theme of their beverage names, this is a brewery we will need to see. I’ve already signed up for their newsletter so I’m going to keep an eye on their offerings.


Boasting about 18 beers on tap at the moment, this brewery seems to be doing something right. According to UnTapped, the majority of their brews appear to be ranking at 4.0 or above, with thousands of ratings on most of them.

Other things to do

Buxton Hall Bar-B-Cue is apparently a must-visit when in Asheville, and from the looks of the food on their website, I can see why. We will definitely be moseying on over to this little eatery at some point in our stay.

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