My Ode to Harry’s Steak & Cheese

Harry’s Pizza in Whitinsville, MA is arguably the most popular pizza joint in town. They are almost always busy, and they cook up a pretty good pie in my opinion. But frankly, my favorite thing about Harry’s are the subs.

I used to be all about the cheeseburger sub. It is fantastic, and still my go-to when I’m looking for some comfort food. But lately I’ve been leaning into the steak & cheese sub. Wow. Ordered with jalapeños and hots, because I like to feel the burn a bit, this is pure deliciousness! It is served on a soft sub roll, and comes with peppers, onions, and mushrooms. And cheese. Lots of cheese.

I suppose there are other steak and cheese subs in Worcester county. Listening to the comments on the Worcester Eats Facebook page I see that Breen’s gets a lot of love. But for me, this Harry’s meaty masterpiece fits the bill.

And so, Harry’s, thank you! And a big thanks to all the fine folks working at your exemplary establishment.

In honor of your amazing sandwich I have composed an Ode. Now, for those who care about such things, an ode, according to the Masterclass website, is a lyrical poem of tribute or praise. I’m no expert, but I think my ode would be a shameful butchering of the classical “Horatian” style with stanzas and rhyming. But there is also something known as the “irregular ode” and maybe that would be a safer category to put mine in. Anyway, there is lots of information online about writing odes. I suggest, after reading my very poor attempt, you give a shot at it yourself!

My Ode to Harry’s Steak & Cheese

Saturday sun begins to set
A new week God shall soon beget
Yet one task is left to do
Choose the evening food menu

My stomach like a dog doth growl
Want I fish, or flesh or fowl?
And what the venue? Home or pub?
But then I recall…a Harry’s sub!

Deciding which shall be my choice
There comes to me an angel’s voice
Like whispers floating on the breeze
It said, “Jason get the steak and cheese!”

To disobey would be a crime
Against a message so sublime
So steak and cheese I ordered fast
To commence my night’s repast

Oh what sumptuous fare I ate!
My tongue and pen fail to relate
The tender, cheesy, chewy bites
From Harry’s steak and cheese delights

And so I hail this sumptuous grinder
And blessed you if you shall find her!
And find her certainly you will
Just look at Harry’s, Whitinsville.


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